Easy and convenient

Pine Financial finally makes it easy to send and receive your digital currency - whether that's in dollars, euros, bitcoins, or something else! 

Send money to "friends"

Contribute to friends, causes, institutions, or anyone you believe in. No hassles. No fees. Nothing but love.

Invest with friends

Want to invest in some cryptocurrencies, causes, institutions, or businesses together? Now you can easily. 

"I never thought about investing in cryptocurrencies until my friend invited me and together we invested.  Now I have made over $100,000 investing on my own."

- John Smith

"I love the ease and simplicity of sending and receiving money in all currencies (especially cryptocurrencies) from my investing buddies."

- Mike White

In the news

Send and receive money from dollars to bitcoins to everything in-between.

Join Pine Financial. Send and receive money in any currency you want.

It's time to take your money in your hands.

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